What’s New With PhilterIt?

We’ve been busy these past few weeks, not only telling the world who we are but also adding a ton of features and enhancements to our site.  Here’s what you should know:

First, we have completed our design overhaul to a much more stunning and sleek UI.  We’re really pumped with this new look and feel.

We’ve also rounded out the “sending” functions, so that you can reply all, cc, bcc and have your contacts auto-populate with type ahead display.  Also, our search now captures all senders, not just brands, and we pull-in attachments, along with the thumbnail display.

We’ve enhanced our drag-and-drop functionality.  You can now drag any brand from the mail feed to the dashboard to add the icon.  For new icons, you can designate it as either personal or brand, which will show up in the mail feed filter.

Keep the comments and feedback coming by emailing us at feedback@philterit-mail.com.