Am I the only person who loves getting receipts emailed?

The other day, I deposited a check at a Wells Fargo ATM, bought an accessory for my computer at the Apple Store, and got some clothes at Bloomingdales.  At each place, I was given the option to forgo the annoyance of carrying around little pieces of paper, which I always lose, and get them sent directly to my inbox.

Though I am not an environmentalist, I am happy to save the trees (paper receipts account for 640,000 tons of paper used in the US each year. That’s 9,600,000 trees!).  More importantly, I am thrilled to know I don’t have to carry around those little pieces of paper in case I have to return anything or to remember what I bought during the day.  I couldn’t believe half of my wife’s wallet was paper receipts that she has to hold onto in case she returns anything.



Now the only issue with email receipts is finding them in my inbox.  That’s what makes PhilterIt so valuable. All of these emails are automatically filtered for me into their icons. People have also started using many App for download and watching movies  I found my Apple receipt in ten seconds, my flight confirmation even faster.  As more and more companies email receipts, our inboxes are going to get more information.  PhilterIt is building an inbox which accounts for the future and will help me keep track of the increasing amount of emails from my favorite stores and brands.