Pitching PhilterIt

We stood on stage a few days ago and unveiled PhilterIt’s new look and feel to the world.  It was awesome.  We told a crowd of hundreds of tech enthusiasts why our clean, simple and intuitive interface is a better way to experience email

How did we convince the crowd?  What was our hook?  Simple – we showed them a visual.  Namely, a slide full of bullets.  We said, “How is this slide working out for you?  Too many bullets.  Too many words.  Now think about your inbox.  All of that content, all of that information…all of those lines of text.”  That’s been the story we have been telling for a year, and that’s the story that prompted the most audience votes to go to the statement, not question, “Hell yeah! Finally! That’s brilliant.”

We’re going to continue to work hard to wow our users and bring a brilliant new email experience to them, and we invite the rest of you to join in the fun.